Current Selection – Black Tea

Name Price Available
Bloodmoon Black Tea 1 G$0.30out of stock
Organic Golden Monkey 1 EACH$0.15
Small Black Tea Brick 1 G$24.50out of stock
Organic Yunnan 1 G$0.10
Bukhial Assam Black Tea 1 G$0.10
Kanoka Assam 1 G$0.20out of stock
Konoka 2nd Flush Assam 1 G$0.20out of stock
Organic Assam Estate (PF) 1 G$0.10out of stock
Organic Assam TGFOP 1 G$0.10
Yanki Special 2nd Flush 1 G$0.35out of stock
Moose Tracks 1 G$0.12
Organic Ceylon 1 G$0.10
Cochin Masala Chai 1 G$0.10
Heritage Masala Chai 1 G$0.15out of stock
Indian Spiced Chai 1 G$0.10
Organic Masala Chai 1 G$0.10
Darjeeling 1st Flush Classic Oaks DJ-2 1 G$0.25
Organic Darjeeling 2nd Flush Estate 1 G$0.13out of stock
SOOM 1st Flush Darjeeling 1 G$0.15out of stock
Cream Earl Grey 1 EACH$0.12
Decaf Earl Grey 1 G$0.15out of stock
Majestic Earl Grey 1 G$0.30out of stock
Organic Cream Earl Grey 1 G$0.12
Organic Earl Grey 1 G$0.12
Organic Ms Grey 1 G$0.10out of stock
Decaf English Breakfast 1 G$0.11
Organic English Breakfast 1 G$0.10
Irish Breakfast 1 G$0.10
Organic Irish Breakfast 1 G$0.10
Org Imperial Keemun 1 G$0.15
Organic Keemun 1 G$0.10
Org Lapsang Souchong 1 G$0.13
Amber Red Black Tea- Nepal 1 G$0.35
Ilam Nepal Black Tea 1 G$0.10out of stock
Kanchanjangha Black Tea Organic 1 G$0.15out of stock
Kumari Gold Organic 1 G$0.30out of stock
Rare Peace Dragon 1 G$0.45
Emperor Pu`Erh 1 G$0.20
Organic Pu’erh Tea 1 G$0.10
2014 Jinya Pu-Erh individually pressed 1 EACH$1.50