Can I offer you a taste of tea?

We usually have a pot of tea on at the shop, and enjoy offering you a sip of something new.  Since staying home is of utmost importance right now, we want to share our daily cuppa in a different way.

We will be posting pictures and stories of tea, cards, papery and the curious collection of goods on offer at The Loose Leaf.

The first post will be about tea that Tanya procured on her spring trip to Nepal, where she met local tea families and visited their beautiful farms. She has great pictures and stories to tell – and some tea tucked away, ready to share!

We are also excited to tell you about some of the Galiano artists and makers (and farmers and restaurants and galleries) that we work with. Small businesses, independent professionals and the creative community work together in wonderful ways on Galiano; it will be fun to share some of those stories with you, too.

Stay tuned as we learn the ins-and-outs of our on-line presence. Thank you for your patience.

OH YEAH! If you want to order any of the tea or products we feature, please contact us in any of the ways at the bottom of this page.

Tanya, Lauren and Shelley

Tanya Inglis, Shelley Lawson, Lauren Magner

It won’t surprise you that we will each have things we want to share, so to avoid confusion, we will each sign our posts with L, S, or T .. (Shelley likes ground rules).